Virus messages

Too young disk in drive A: !
Warning : Your monitor is RADIOACTIVE !
Insert hamburger in drive B: !
Sorry, your system is too dirty for me...
Insert tractor toilet paper into printer !
Bad command or operator !
Warning : To many floppies in one drive !
Your hard disk has been formated !
There is something rotten in your computer !
Are you sure ?
External Error : INTELLIGENCE not found !
Always make a backup copy of your sex partner !
ERRROR ! Presss quickly CTRL-ALT-DEL !
Critical ERRROR : Use hammer !
I L O V E Y O U ! ! !
Insert floppy disc in drive D:
Do you speak in Turbo Pascal ?
Sorry, but you have a brain ?
Enter number of days in this week !!!
! ! ! S T R I K E ! ! !
Shut power down & press any key !
All protective devices failed, call GHOSTBUSTERS !
Use prophylactic now, I am HIV positive !
ATENTION: High voltage on keyboard !
Close eyes for safety reasons.
Call your local police station !
All viruses found.
B U F !!!
Your mouse is hungry !
Police station is connected.
Memory failed. Use paper.
blah ...
Goood Bye !
Your data are sleeping now.
This Hard Disc is write only.
WARNING ! Smog in drive Q: .
Don't be nervous !
What about a little pause ?
You are tired. Aren't you ?
Ask your girlfriend for more info.
Don't do it again, you nasty boy !
Your coprocessor needs a bath !
Not enough energy for such a work !
This program is not good. Try another one.

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